Amdizai’s Kettle & Kahani- The Start

By Ammara Malik and Amal Malik

Starting this website is a personal journey of exploration and adventure.

Food has always been an integral part of our households. Mrs. Ambreeen Awais, 1956-2014  (mother of Ammara Malik) and maternal grandmother of Amal Malik was an exceptional chef who loved to cook meals for her family, friends and relatives. She truly believed that food brought a family closer together. It was perhaps this reason that her daughter Ammara then went on to learn how to cook at the age of 16 and started cooking for her family when she got engaged and later married 19 years ago in September 2000. Despite her busy work schedule, she still cooks for the family with the hope that her three daughters will cherish the memories that can be created because of a home cooked meal.

With the love of food came the love for travelling.

And another special hobby: collecting miniature teapots and kettles.

To date, the family of Amal (Am), Dina ( Di) and Zaina (zai), the daughters and their parents have collected over 130 miniature teapots and kettles from all over the world to form what they lovingly call Amdizai’s Kettle & Kahani Collection. 

This website will be collecting these stories one by one and will also be inviting others to share their own stories of food, travel and culture.


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